The heating element is the part in the dryer that's actually heats up the air before flowing into the drum. The heating element is made of a coil that heats up when electricity is going through it. Replacing the element will require to take the dryer apart - But no stress, it is one of the most common repairs.

Project Time 20-40 minutes

Part: DC47-00019A Heating Element
Cost $32.95

Tools needed:
Phillips Screwdriver
Thin metal tool

1. Prepare the dryer

Clear a open space around and above the dryer. The top of the dryer will be lifted up or you might need to access some areas from the top. 
Pull the dryer away from the wall and disconnect it from the power outlet. The vent does not have to be disconnected.

2. Lift the top

With a thin metal tool, press on the hidden locking tabs located between the top and the dryer's body. Insert the metal tool and when you feel the tab press it slightly until the top is free to come up.

3. Remove the front panel

The are 6 screws located at the front panel you will need to unscrew. Open the dryer door and locate the screws. 3 Screws located at the top rail of the front panel, and three more screws located at the front of the panel - one screw at the top area, and two more at the filter area.

Then, remove the filter and release the wire harness from the plastic curs that holding it. Now slightly lift the front panel rail from the locking tabs and release it. Disconnect the door switch and put the panel aside.

4. Uninstall the bulk head

Disconnect the drum light wire located at the top open area on the left side.
There are five screws located at the 4 tabs of the bulk head and one more screw located at the vent at the bottom of the bulk head. You will need to unscrew all 5 screws to remove the bulk head.

Disconnect the moister sensor wire from the right bottom corner. Now you can lift and remove the bulk head. Set it aside.

5. Remove the drum

To remove the belt use one hand pull the tension pulley handle and with the other hand carefully remove the belt from the tension wheel.

Slightly lift the drum, remove it from the dryer and set it aside.

6. Install the new heating element

Disconnect the two wires that connected to the heating element and remove all the screws from its housing. Open the housing and replace the old heating element with the new one. When closing the heater housing make sure that you screw the screws back through the heating element where needed to make sure it is secured in place. Now you can connect the wires back. 
It is a good idea to take photos of areas with a lot of wiring, just in case you lose track of the wires and connections.

7. Replace additional parts (optional)

At this point you will be able to replace any other part you want to, like the belt if you can spot cracks on it, wheels if the dryer runs noisy or the idler pulley if it doesn't spin freely or you can see deep "tunnels" on the wheel caused by high friction with the belt.

8. Install the drum and belt.

Place the drum back with the front and back sided facing their sides.
Now, to install the belt use the same step as in step 5. Make sure the the belt is located on the right area on the drum, right above the motor and the idler pulley. Make sure the the grooves on the belt facing the drum.

9. Install the balk head

Hold the bulk head close to the drum and slightly lift the drum so it will sit on the bulk head's wheels, then lift the bulk head with the drum and slide the bulk head's tabs into their sockets. Make sure all 4 tabs are locked and screw all five screws back. Reconnect the moister sensor wires at the bottom-right corner.

10. install the front panel

While holding the front panel, line it with the brackets located at the base of the dryer. Reconnect the door switch and drum light connector then push the panel all the way to the dryer's body until the locking tabs are holding the panel still.

Secure the wires back to the holding curls and make sure there are no wires hanging loose. 

Screw all 6 screws back to the front panel. there are three screws located at the top rail of the panel and three more screws at the front, open the door the locate them.

Your Done

Lower the top and push it down until you hear a loud snap sound, insert the filter back in. Now you can plug the dryer back to the outlet and give it a run!


We hope we helped you successfully fixing your Samsung dryer yourself and save $100's doing so!

See you next time,
Your Champ.

Samsung heating element

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